Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 14: #100HappyDays Project

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There was a time (circa Supersize Me) when I vowed to never ever ever eat McDonald's again. I kept that vow for a few good years, but all it takes is one road trip to Vegas to undo such good intentions.

Nevertheless, I kept the spirit of the vow and have only had McDonald's a handful of times - one time being tonight ... thanks to Klout. They sent me a gift card recently and, as I was laid up on the couch with my wonky neck/shoulder thing and unable to cook dinner, I figured I may as well send my boyfriend out to get burgers.

I asked for a Big Mac, no cheese, and fries with BBQ sauce. Guess what? It was flipping delicious!

I'll spend the rest of the week repenting with brussels sprouts and kale, but for tonight there will be no guilt. NOM!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 13: #100HappyDays Project

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While still immobilized by my screwed up neck (with mass amounts of alternating ice and heat) I've had little to do but peruse the internet from the couch. Pinterest has been my source of happiness today, especially when it showed me the way to!

Sheinside has the cutest clothes! I fell in love with at least 30 different items the first time I visited the site today, and I've since been back to look at more! I'm loving these dresses so much:

 photo 1395737756690576736.jpg

 photo 1396339590630375464.jpg

 photo 1396946688803609594.jpg

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 12: #100HappyDays Project

 photo LanaDelReyWestCoast.png

My neck is kinked in an epic way right now. I've been completely laid up all day and wasn't so sure if I'd have a happy moment to report. I even missed the incredible blood moon that everyone was all abuzz over because I couldn't make it off the couch.

Then this happened: Lana Del Rey's new song, West Coast, popped up on Facebook and all misery was forgotten! I think it's beautiful and an expectedly haunting gift from this intriguing songstress. 

She seems to sample fractional bits of The Beatles and Stevie Nicks, and rolls it into her dreamy signature sound. I loves it!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 11: #100HappyDays Project

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I love a good routine so long as it's periodically interrupted by fun and surprises. Something that's a must in my world is a nightly ritual. I go through phases where I'll gravitate toward one medium or another, but my late nights usually look something like this:

Cozy bed + entertainment + a little glass of Port. Add to that my black satin-y sheets, a squishy pillow and my beloved NAP blanket

I've been alternating between reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman and doing a Sudoku puzzle before falling asleep. I'm so nerdy sometimes! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 10: #100HappyDays Project

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We've only had two now, but I think I can safely say that I live for Book Club meetings ;) My boyfriend's family started a club since we're all such avid readers, and it's turned into a fabulous excuse to nosh and drink.

For our very first book club meeting a couple of months ago, we gathered to discuss Sycamore Row by John Grisham (semi-sequel to A Time to Kill). I definitely enjoyed it more than anyone else, and the rest of the club was quick to move onto the next book.

Today we gathered to discuss The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Daniel James Brown. Not a winner. We did succeed in drinking several glasses of peach sangria and eating strawberry salad, cheese and crackers, quiche and tiramisu - delish!

Our next book will be What You Want is in the Limo: On the Road with Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and The Who in 1973, the Year the Sixties Died and the Modern Rock Star was Born by Michael Walker. Since we're following these rockers down the rabbit hole, so to speak, we're going to have a boozy themed gathering when we meet again. All food and drink must contain a hint of alcohol. I have a couple of months to pick a boozy bite to bring, but I'm already scouring Pinterest for ideas ;)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 9: #100HappyDays Project

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When I feel like I need a "treat" after a long week, I often opt for sushi. If I go out for sushi I'll eat something raw and intriguing, but when I order take-out I always get a spicy tuna tempura roll and an insane amount of avocado rolls (with an equally insane amount of teriyaki sauce). From there it's couch + TV + food time, all night long!

Tonight it was all about catching up on Elementary, Community and Cougar Town :) It was my happy place!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 8: #100HappyDays Project

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My grandma had a lovely cedar chest from her childhood, and it was filled with old clothes and a large set of beautiful porcelain storybook dolls. I was never allowed to touch them, but I loved to look (and smell - the cedar was intoxicating).

Many years later, although much too soon, my grandma passed and those dolls were given to me. To this day I can't fully express what that means to me. My grandma and I were incredibly close and doing much of anything with those dolls felt too raw at the time, so they were packed away and left at my mom's house.

My family moved a few years later and at some point I realized that I had no idea where those dolls were. I panicked and searched to no avail. I had a theory that they had been thrown out or left behind by a certain someone who was incapable of seeing the value in material things. I cried on and off about those dolls for years, and then one day they miraculously appeared!

I repacked the dolls since my tiny apartment was no place for precious breakables and continued to store them at my family's house. History repeated itself and there was another move; another bout of misplaced dolls. I kept reasonably calm and told myself that they WOULD pop up at some point.

And they did!

Today my mom was going through a plastic tote filled with my grandma's old clothes from her 20s and 30s (she was SO tiny!), and there were the dolls.

Once again I laid them out and had a moment with them, then repacked them and vowed to keep track of them. I can't wait to have space to bring the cedar chest home and put the dolls back where they truly belong.