Friday, August 15, 2014

Dessert Roundup - Baking with Coffee

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{Mocha Marble Cake with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans}

There's something to be said for morning java. I start every day off with a cup of black coffee, no sugar. It's the perfect way to get me going. Don't get me wrong, though - I love sugar! I just reserve it for desserts. Take these coffee-infused desserts for example ...

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Supermoon Art

 photo SuperMoon.jpg

In honor of this week's supermoon, I thought I'd share this lovely piece of art by Elise Mahan. It just speaks to me. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dessert Roundup - Boozy Bites

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If you're anything like me you'll agree that alcohol makes food infinitely better! Red wine in spaghetti sauce, salmon poached in white wine - it elevates a dish like no other ingredient.

Baking with alcohol is just as incredible. Sugars blending with sugars and flavor sensations with serious depth. It borders on magical!

Here are a few delicious ideas!

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{Drunken Honeyed Figs with Lemon Mascarpone Whipped Cream}

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Washington Trip Summer 2014

 photo WP_20140710_05701.jpg
Yeah, big fans of flying here ;)

I tend to visit my family in Washington for a week or two each year and I always get a little homesick. This year I decided to take a bit of home with me! My boyfriend overcame his nerves and got on a plane, and we spent 9 days with my dad. Here's a little recap of our trip ...

 photo WP_20140710_021.jpg
He got through each leg of the flight with a little help!

 photo WP_20140710_042.jpg
And I enjoyed a delicious Strawberry Bellini during our layover in Portland.

 photo 10548129_773412766013084_4470620577672738781_o.jpg
We went to a car show and I checked out a Porche ...

 photo WP_20140712_072.jpg
Visited Riverfront Park and the Spokane River ...

 photo IMG_0019.jpg
Did a bit of storm chasing ...

 photo WP_20140715_027.jpg
Found the top of Mt. Spokane ...

 photo WP_20140718_032.jpg
Drank huckleberry wine at a Greek restaurant called The White House Grill ...

 photo WP_20140718_042.jpg
Played pull tab bar games ...

 photo WP_20140717_026.jpg
Played slots and blackjack at Northern Quest Casino ...

 photo WP_20140719_034.jpg
And then we hopped on a plane and came back home. Check out our little good luck stowaway!

 photo WP_20140719_094.jpg
And my delicious sky beer!

 photo WP_20140720_003.jpg
Finally, home sweet home.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dessert Roundup - Cooking with Flowers

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You expect to see flowers at your dining table as a centerpiece, but would you expect them in your dishes? You should! Cooking with flowers is playful, fun, aromatic and unexpectedly delicious. Take a look at these recipes to get an idea of what you can bring from garden to table.

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