Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bringing home the baby

I know it must look bad; I made an excited declaration to the world wide web announcing the launch of my fabulous blog, and then I disappeared without a word-until now.

Trust me when I say how saddened I was to see my computer crash to its death the very day that I started this blog! That led me to a half-month long journey which ended with me at a Best Buy first thing this morning, buying the most beautiful laptop imaginable (seriously, it has silver swirls)! This machine is now my everything- it was like bringing home my baby!

(my precious swirly laptop is in that box!!!)

So here I am, lovingly typing away on my glossy keyboard while watching Anderson Cooper 360 with the post-debate analysis, seeing if viewers are in line with my thinking, and appreciating the fact that I can hop on AOL to see what the polls are saying thus far!

Alas, dear reader (yes, there is currently 1 of you!), I must be off. I'm still buried in e-mails and hope to claw my way out by morning. Till next time ...

1 comment:

  1. I love the background for your blog! Its a perfect fit with your title :) Can't wait to read more!


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