Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meet Jen

Hello! I'm Jen, an aspiring novelist, full-time blogger and sometimes photographer. I'm also a Social Media junkie and love to help small businesses gain momentum with word of mouth advertising. These are my truest passions :)

Haute Whimsy began as a personal journal that I started when I left my job as a behavioral therapist. As it's grown in followers, it has shifted to more of an inspiration board that I love sharing with you! It's my place for whimsy, fashion, capricious adventures, prose and love!

Thank you for joining me!


  1. You are amazing!! I love your site too!! :) Thank you for having an online forum for all of us to "attach" ourselves to! :)


  2. Hi Jen! i am Pol from Argentina ( I watched your 5 blogs, but I saw 4 because you have restricted access. I love this blog. Sent you a hug and a greeting. Soon return to continue reading more and more photos. See you soon!


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