Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sugar and Spice

Welcome to the world little Zoey Abigail!

My pseudo sister, Lindy (my boyfriend's sister), gave birth to such a pretty baby girl yesterday morning! Unlike the majority of women, I tend to think that most babies are quite ugly. I have to choke out the "awww, your baby is so cute!" lie more often than I'd like :( Luckily, the babies in my circle are actually cute!

Anyway, Lindy is my child-birthing hero! She planned everything from the pregnancy itself to the induced labor, had a pain management plan, chatted with us between contractions, had the baby within 15 minutes of us leaving the room, and looked like a million bucks all the way through! When we came back in to meet the baby, Lindy was holding her daughter dotingly while sipping on juice and detailing the ease of the birth. Voila!

Raymond (Lindy's husband) texted and called every person they know as the grandmas hovered and poked, commenting on how soft Zoey is. Margo (Raymond's mom) brought a huge box of Sees chocolates for everyone, to symbolize the sweet life that Zoey is going to have. This little girl has so many people who love and adore her already!

I am so thankful to have a little neice to buy gorgeous dresses for, to play Barbies with and to take to Disneyland in due time! She is going to have the most extensive Cookie Lee jewelry collection of any little girl too!

Just had to gush!


  1. Where's the pictures????!!!!
    I need images!! :)

    I love your description of everything...makes having a baby and labor sound like just another day at the office!

    At least you got to see a good experience so that it doesn't scare you away from babies! :)

    Personally, I can't wait to have little ducklettes walking around! :)


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