Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Disneyland, I love you so!

When you are a Southern California resident, you can pretty much bet that a great portion of your free time will be spent at Disneyland. With annual passes, this is actually an incredibly cost effective way to spend your weekends! Seeing as how Joe and I have had passes almost every year we've been together, we have seen and done almost all there is to see and do at The Happiest Place on Earth.

We've been on every ride, seen every parade, visited during every weather condition possible, eaten at every stand and restaurant (including Club 33), discovered every nook and cranny ... the list goes on! So how do we continue to spice up our frequent trips?!

1. Hidden Mickeys!
2. See just how many times we can get on Space Mountain in a day
3. Bamboozle the staff into giving us Birthday Buttons which grant you special attention from all cast members and freebies at California Adventure
4. Designate a foreign language to the day in which we speak as much as we can in said language, and set our locker up in that language as well!
5. Have friends like Crystal and Dan ...

... which brings me to our latest addiction! Pin Trading! After years of frolicking through the park, I always thought that these Pin Traders were the dorkiest people in the world. They walk around with lanyards around their necks, pricked with flair, and they come to Disneyland to trade the pins. Huh?

Well, let me tell ya, it rocks! Crystal swore up, down & all around that there was this rush to seeing what you want on somebody else, and getting it from them. She was so right! I'm now collecting Alice in Wonderland pins, Mr. Toad pins, Sleeping Beauty pins, and Hidden Mickey pins! And then to add another cool element to this craze, some of these pins have made it all the way from Paris and Tokyo!

So yes, I have a lanyard. Yes, I wear it around my neck. Yes, it has been pricked 3 times. And yes, I have to have more!


Want to go in 2 weeks Crystal?!

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  1. OMG I am laughing so hard right now.....absolutely HILARIOUS!!! I love it!!!

    Did you find the pins your mom had and look through them??

    And I definitely want to go with you guys again. We should go on a Sunday sometime so we can all go earlier...are you still upgrading your passes?

    The next available Sunday we have is Dec. 8th or Dec. 14th...the 14th is the last Sunday we can go before we're blacked out til January.

    If you're not upping your passes yet though, we can try for another Friday night. :)

    I love pins!! :) We have another $40 we can use on our card again so we'll probably get more. :)


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