Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Blues

'Tis the season, or so the story goes, but unfortunately I feel blue rather than merry. The month has been filled with some great times, but also an equal amount of blah. For some reason, I just can't get into the holiday spirit. So what is so different from all the other years that I am left with this lackadaisical haze?

The obvious go-to is the fact that money is tighter this year, but am I really so commercial that money is determining my holiday cheer? I don't think so.

Another twist to the season is how tightly wound friends and family seem to be right now. Everyone's stress levels are high, and there is this emotional frenzy in the air. It's making it unpleasantly difficult to be around human beings.

Or perhaps this is it: I'm bored. I want adventure. I want something that is going to override all of the above. An escape of some sort. A reboot.

Whatever the reason for this state of mind, I need to do something within my power to salvage the holiday spirit. That tree of mine that has been sitting bare in a corner for 3 weeks is begging for lights and sentimental adornments. My crazy neighbor who is afraid of nails in doors (she says she has nightmares of tripping and poking her eye out) needs to be reminded that wreaths are an acceptable way of showing holiday spirit. Vince Guaraldi needs a home in my cd player. And you all need Christmas cards!


P.S. Send me your address if you think I may not have it :)


  1. You need to go to Candy Cane Lane to get in the spirit...........walking, not driving....and go the back way so you don't have to wait in line.....and buy a cup of hot cocoa from one of the families selling it..with marshmallows.

  2. it is weird, but sending my christmas cards and finally beginning to wrap some gifts actually has improved my holiday mood a bit ... so you may have to force stuff to start with, but it'll happen. =o)

  3. I had a hard time getting into it too this year - actually haven't even cracked open my christmas cards box yet :( But I just finished my shopping and started to wrap and Joe and I went shopping for some gifts for ourselves this week and now I feel a bit more merry. But money is tight for me too and I think that does hamper the spirit a bit :( See you Saturday!


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