Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is how we fight

A little insight into the relationship of Jen and Joe ...

*after a lengthy and serious argument/discussion over the best stocks to invest in, and in what quantities, it came to this:

Joe: well then I think we need separate accounts for stock buying...we can make it a competition...who can take...let's say $500, and build the most wealth in 6 months with it
Jen: OK
Jen: I will beat you!
Jen: I drink your milkshake
Joe: I will pummel you with my wealthiness!
Jen: and then I took his treat and SMASHED it in his face!
Joe: you no drink my milkshake...I need it...it brings all the boys to the yard
Jen: and I said "You remember me forever!"
Joe: awesome!


  1. so? what do you buy? how do you win? can you cheat? do you guess? how do you define luck? how do you define skill? just curious? you'll never guess who this is :P

  2. Hmmm, the barrage of questions would lead me to believe that Anonymous=CK, but I don't think emoticons are his style. Glen on the other hand ... ;) I just don't know!


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