Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whistle while you work

Serious fact about me: I hate to clean. The cons definitely outweigh the pros, in my opinion. Allow me to show you...

Pros: A life of organizational bliss.

Cons: Wasting valuable and limited moments of life, dish-pan-hands, allergy flair-ups, cancer (we all know those cleaning agents are going to do us in somewhere down the line!), becoming a neurotic mess (one dust bunny leads to the discovery of another dust bunny, and before you know it you're spazing out in search of all dust bunnies in existence. I've seen this on Desperate Housewives!) ... and here's the kicker: the mess always comes back!

So there, proof. Proof that cleaning should be avoided at all costs. And yet sometimes my domestic side awakens like a sleeper cell. This evening, for instance, I randomly jumped up and started cleaning my bedroom. I have no idea why. I just wanted to! And when I was done, I actually had an endorphin rush!

Is this a sickness, or side effect of adulthood ... or possibly one in the same?


  1. I heard endorhpins cause cancer

  2. LoL Love this post....and I'm right there with's kind of like an interpretation of hell I saw once on a cartoon or book or something like that when I was a kid...where someone had to push this huge boulder up a giant hill only to have it fall down everytime he reached the top...and that was his eternity.

    Yea...kinda the same as cleaning.

  3. You guys crack me up - I love cleaning :)


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