Friday, February 20, 2009

Confessions of a Workaholic

I know this feeling. I've been here before. Eyes dazed and glazed over with a lack of sleep and frenzied thinking. Envisioning. I'm ending my days with the close of my laptop, but my mind continues to race as I lie in bed.

Between Autism Prose and my writing, I'm pulling all-nighters and working 12 hour days- at the very least.

A few minutes ago, as I was mindlessly flossing, it hit me that I'm falling into my old routine from four years ago. Those were the days where I went to work early, worked through lunch, covered other people, took on extra just because it was in my nature, stayed late and brought it all home with me. Oh yeah, and sometimes slipped in on weekends.

End result= zombified.

I think I've come full circle.

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