Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mr. Rogers Had It All Wrong

It's 12:45pm right now and I can currently hear the person above stomping, sliding their door open and shut repeatedly, and some other unknown thumping noise. I can guarantee that this will continue at a steady pace until around 9:00pm. At that time, the neighbors will stop slow it down for a few hours. Then when I'm about to head off to bed they will begin what can only be something along the lines of a rain dance, which will continue into the wee hours of the morning. This is our routine.

Funny how our minds allow us to fabricate a stranger's motivation. I often sit here and try to imagine what they could be doing up there ... I've entertained the thoughts of OCD behavior, workout-a-holics (weights being dropped on the floor would make sense), remodeling, a makeshift bowling lane, small children, Sumo Wrestlers ... the list goes on. What the hell are they doing up there? And better question: who are these freaks?!

Every time I go to the car or am in the elevator with a neighbor, I wonder if it could be "them". Well, the other night I got the most promising clue. A package was delivered to my place by accident! And all over this package was a web address. Are you ready for this?!?!

Unfortunately, nobody answered when returning the package, but now I know what they're all about! Every *BAM* and *THUMP* will remind me of cheesy streetwear and dancing fools!


  1. I think they were having their MC Hammer pants delivered.

  2. Oh that's hilarious....when you see the people with the UFO'll know it's them.

    And it's so funny because we recently got new upstairs neighbors as well, although we can see who our neighbors are, and they are really noisy as well.

    Dan mentioned it first (about the noise level) and I hadn't noticed it, but of course after he says that I can now hear every bang and bop.

    So the other night it was really loud up there...stomping and all kinds of banging...and I too am wondering 'what the heck are they doing up there?' - sometimes the sounds are so insanely constant, it just doesn't make any sense as to what could possibly be going on...but I still try and figure it out....maybe DDR I guess...I just don't know.

  3. The thing is, I don't really care about the noise level. I'm just confused! There was only one time where it truly pissed me off.

    And I must admit that part of my motivation for buying my DDR was to piss off the biotch downstairs :)


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