Monday, March 30, 2009

My Mom Rocks!

I am incredibly lucky in that I have an amazingly cool mom who is more than just a doting mother- she's a great friend :) We've been spending quite a bit of time together lately, and we've had such fun little adventures around town!

Last week we started off with a trip to our local Farmer's Market for Thai Tea, Pad Thai, jasmine and dates. Yum!
(Hisao Shinagawa AKA the "Japanese Bob Dylan" who plays at Farmer's Market)

A few days later we set off to check out a house in Palos Verdes, and stopped by this field that overlooked the ocean to take some beautiful photos!

We also went to San Pedro for a tour of the Point Fermin Lighthouse and had a little picnic!
(From the very top of the lighthouse!)

Girl Time is so therapeutic! What do you like to do with your girls for fun??


  1. What do I like to do with my girls eh??? >;)

  2. This is sooo super cute!! I'mso glad you guys had some girl time :)
    And i love the pics!! The one of the music guy is really good. Is that the same poor guy that was on the news awhile ago where someone stole his equipment??? :(

  3. what a delightful outing! i adore picnics and need to set one up stat!

  4. How lovely.I lovee the last pic, to nice.I cant wait til summer.

  5. Hey thank for visiting! I hope some of the stuff & reading dun confuse you too much... I'll try to explain in English :P Anyway, I love your blog too!

    You know the Point Fermin Lighthouse on San Pedro, on the hill looks just like the house on " Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"


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