Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wanderers in Love

It's that time of year again (well, almost!) ... the Joe and Jen anniversary trip is coming up in just a few short months! We always have crummy Valentine's Days, and we always have amazing anniversaries. Those are the facts, and we stick to them just like we're stuck on each other!

Year 1: We went to Disneyland and had lunch at Club 33! It was possibly the most awesome thing we've ever done together! And I wore my favorite dress and had pink and blond hair, so it was even that much more awesome!

Year 2: A trip to San Diego where we sipped on margaritas and perused seaside shoppes, hand in hand. It was there that we discovered Fabian Perez, our favorite artist!

Year 3: Another Disneyland trip, this time with some Creole flair

Year 4: A 3-day stay in Vegas at The Signature where we enjoyed a mini suite and lots of exploring

Year 5: The most legendary Vegas trip ever! We drove out in a Lexus, had a panoramic room at TI, comped champagne and buffets, the most faboo dinner at The Wynn, and an epic gambling spree that lasted 3 days!

Year 6: We've yet to settle on a plan, but the options on the table include a 4 day cruise, a weekend in Berkeley, or a quick but fabulous Vegas turn-around trip.

Wherever it is that we end up choosing, I know it will be amazing. We're quite good at planning and making the most of our little trips! But interestingly, our anniversary isn't what I'm really excited about. What I can't wait for is our combo birthday trip- destination pending. All I know is that 2009 holds great adventure for us!

P.S. Year 6 ended up back at Disneyland, lol! We stayed at the actual Disneyland Hotel for the first time :)

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  1. Oooh - how about Solvang or Santa Barbara....?? Or San Diego or Catalina...?? Or Palm Springs at the casino...? Or....Big Bear or Arrowhead...or so many options!!!

    Your past years sound so fun. I'm glad you always have such amazing anniversaries :) :) Can't wait to hear what you decide. :)


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