Thursday, April 9, 2009

Diet Bug

Every Spring I get hit with the "I'm sick of food" bug. It's a blessing in disguise, but I never really handle it right. I tend to jump on the bandwagon and agree with my body, overwork it and underfeed it. Then I crash and burn a couple months later. Not good.

Well, last week the bug hit again. This time around, I'm letting my mind control the situation! So far, so good, and I'm feeling great (other than that whole not sleeping thing)!

Here's my game plan: walks every night, like it or not! Pilates, of course. When I'm hungry, I resort to chips and homemade salsa. When I want something sweet, I eat a couple of dates. If I absolutely have to snack, I have some pretzels. And I've been eating tilapia for dinner most nights, which believe it or not is amazingly satisfying! I've also replaced my heavenly Dr. Pepper with orange juice and chocolate flavored Silk soy milk.

This really feels like a lifestyle change rather than a diet, and I love it! I'll be ready for a White House Black Market shopping spree in no time!

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