Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Whimsy

I just had to share these awesome goodies from Williams-Sonoma! I'm absolutely mad about these umbrellas!


  1. Hello Jen :D
    thanks for following our blog , much appreciate it

    by the way, those chocolate umbrella, aw it'd bring back my memory...
    you know, that's one of my childhood's snack...
    and it didn't produced anymore :)

    nice contents!

  2. that chocolate umbrella is just TOO CUTE!!! ...rain or shine darling!
    ~Happy Spring*

  3. I love those! It just reminded me I need one mine just broke,LOL

  4. By the way those Nest Bells are so cute as well.I love the teeny weeny one.

  5. Oh those little chocolate umbrellas are SO cute! I wouldn't bear to eat them.

  6. Those are so dainty!! I adore them. I love Williams-Sonoma. They have the best loose leaf tea :) The Earl Grey is probably my most fav!!

  7. I'm an absolute tea fanatic! I will definitely have to try their loose leaf teas! Thanks for the tip!

  8. Oh my. I love love love the choc umbrellas

  9. I love those bell jars and nests. Just pitched that to a bride for a escort table. Cute blog!

  10. I love the nest bell jars. So pretty.

    Thanks for your lovely comments Jen, and I don't even know what I-goggle means because as you know I am an old hag. But I like the thought of it.

    Love Renee xoxox

  11. love the bell jars!

    Thanks for following my blog!!!

    If you like Muppets and Musings, and you like home and design-- you'll love

    Anyway, thanks for following my blog and I love yours!



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