Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bright, Bold and Beautiful

Over the weekend I was approached by a lovely woman, Laura, who wanted to feature Haute Whimsy Lomography on "Bright, Bold and Beautiful". She found my Etsy shop and even added one of my photos to her Beautiful Things list on her sidebar :) Please stop by her blog to view the Haute Whimsy Lomography feature!


  1. thanks so much!! I just started a column called "Beautiful Mentions" with your blog linked....
    Have a great evening :)

  2. Thanks for starting to follow my blog!!!
    I'm definately doing some reading. You have a great taste in...everything!

  3. Thank you Nikki! I'm excited to keep up with your blogs!!!

  4. This is great! BTW, love the enchanted path photo!!!

  5. hello jen,

    i was reading your previous blogs, and i saw that you went to club 33. i was wondering how you got access into the club and who you contacted.

    my birthday is coming up and i really wish to celebrate it

    please reply!<3

  6. Hey,

    I got a new blog; the last one got deleted by accident .
    Hope to see you follow me soon.


  7. That's awesome. Congrats :)

  8. I love your blog! Great work!
    Come stop by mine and say hello and take a look around. Hope to see you there soon! :)
    xx Belle

  9. How fun - I'll go check it out :)

    I tagged you in an award/meme on my blog, thanks for watching me!


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