Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm a Pepper!

I'm just thinking here ... Dr. Pepper should have its own national holiday! Everyone seems to love the stuff, and I think it's absolutely magical! I remember as a kid, we weren't allowed to have soda in school, so I would "sneak" Dr. Pepper lip gloss from Bonne Belle and pull it out at recess. I thought I was such a rebel!

Are you a Pepper?!

UPDATE: Look at what I just found at Sephora!


  1. Haha how cute! I love Dr Pepper too. Even the Diet Dr Pepper taste good. Have you had the new cheery one?

  2. try cherry Dr. Pepper it is a little bit of heaven on earth

  3. Dr Pepper has always been my favorite - I really like the diet cherry Dr Pepper - I've been hooked on it lately. :p

  4. i had the very same lipsmacker! as for my photographs, my boyfriend does take them all! he'll be flattered by your compliment :)

  5. I'm quite a fan of dr. pepper, as well. especially when mixed with stoli vanilla.

  6. I'm a Pepper!!! :) :)

    Oh I remember my 3 Dr. P's a day routine at school. :) :)

  7. Taste of originality gives life a personality be you do what u do nothings better Dr. Pepper! ...
    I am D. E. F. a Pepper!
    I have kinda fallen head over heels for the NEW cherry flavor... it's the bomb dot com!
    and no i am not joking when i say that! :D
    23 flavors of greatness!

  8. Dr. Pepper is pretty much my soda of choice. And the best part about it is you place that have coke & pepsi will both have it!


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