Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend of Double Irony

Wowsers, what a weekend! Although it was great to see family and celebrate the moms we love, this weekend was filled with tons of frustration and disappointment (don't fret, this post isn't going to be a downer ... I can laugh now by how it all played out!)

If you read my boyfriend's blog post here, you will see that we just got a new car on Friday. Our very first NEW car! After 7 months of waiting for it to get here (the plant where it was being built was closed down due to the economy halfway through building it, so they had to start from scratch), we were finally able to pick it up Friday night.

I kid you not- 2 hours after picking up the car ... we were rear ended! I looked over and watched as my boyfriend's heart broke right before my very eyes. It's especially heartbreaking if you read his blog post and see how much this new car meant to him and how far he's come in life.

Then on Saturday, I had to find Mother's Day gifts. I finally decided on glass cloches with the idea to bake each mom a cupcake to put inside. I wanted to make a special pink cupcake that screamed Happy Mother's Day, so I also bought rose extract to add to the icing. Yum!

By the time I got home Saturday night, time was crunched and my boyfriend talked me into simply buying the cupcakes from a bakery in the morning. Hmph! I was disappointed in myself for not being able to carry out my awesome baking plan, but knew he was right.

Sunday morning I pulled into the parking lot of Baby Cakes, this adorable bakery that I've been longing to check out since it opened near my home about a year ago. Surely they would have just what I needed! Surely ... if they were open, that is!

Disappointment: check
Frustration: check

So then I tried a little Asian bakery in a strip mall nearby. They don't even carry cupcakes!

Mega disappointment: check
Serious frustration: check

By this time I was already late to my mom's house, and we still had to split the day between both of our moms, so I decided to cheat and zip into Costco. Psh, there is no zipping into Costco! It was a mad house! All I could think was "aren't moms supposed to be relaxing at home today???"

I bobbed and weaved my way through the crowd as best as I could, and found the cupcakes in record time! BUT they were hideous compared to what I had in mind as the perfect Mother's Day cupcake :( Sadly, I had no other options, so I paid for the 8lb box of earth-toned confections and ran to our rear-ended new car as fast as I could!

Luckily, the cloches were so stinking cute that they made the cupcakes look pretty special regardless of frosting color, and everything worked out extremely well- considering! But sheesh! What a weekend!


  1. My weekend has been great...

    I just published a post about it

    hope you'll come to visit it and leave a comment!


  2. Oh my! What a weekend! At least you are able to laugh about it now. Sorry to hear about your new car, I know the feeling, I've never owned a brand new car myself. My mom just bought a Toyota Rav4 She loves it. Hope you get the car fixed so it looks brand new again.

  3. I can't believe that about the car.

    Oh you guys must have been so pissed off.

    The conches are so cute, at Christmas I was looking for them because they advertised them at a coffee shop here and one of my daughters wanted one. By time I go to each different one I find out that none of them had ordered them.

    Hae a good day tomorrow Jen.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your new car!! That's just awful. On the brighter side of things, your cupcakes looked adorable in their little cloches. :)

  5. Oh Man crazy! Sorry about the car. My car, my Dad gave me 2 years ago and I had it one week before some 16 year old rammed right into me completely totaling my car. The car had sentimental value to my Dad so we still have it fixed. I won the insurance battle though so everything ended up being paid for and my 1998 sentra got a very nice facelift. So I can sort of relate. As for the cupcakes, I'm glad to see it turned out well in the end. I probably would have given up after the second store though. I have patience and yet sometimes I don't.

  6. Good blog, you are a good writer.

  7. Oh HONEY! I'm glad you can laugh about it now; It sounds really stressful.

  8. Ahhhh, you did good. I can seriously related to crazy escapades like that! You are right, though, at the end of the day, after all that frustration, at least there's a sense of humor about it all. Good luck with the car sitch!

  9. wow...what a weekend you had! so, so, so sorry for the's just so disheartening to wait so long for such an accomplishment then some terrible luck to come along but you know what, you guys made lemons out of lemonade...BRAVO...the cupcakes are simply adorable even from Cotsco...great ideas! thanks for visiting my world and adding me on! looking forward to more of your adventures! xo jo ;)


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