Friday, June 26, 2009

Only in Dreams

I had the most vivid and surreal dream last night. It was pure magic! I've never been able to determine if I dream in black & white or in color, but now I know.

In this dream, I walked through a beautiful white, flower laced country gate and out onto a beach. As I passed through the gate, my hand grazed puffy cream flowers that stuck to me like mittens. I recognized this as the most beautiful cream coloring that I had ever seen.

There was a blonde girl in my shadow's place as I stepped onto the wet sand and once again recognized exquisite color. The ocean water licked at and swirled into the dark sand with this incredible sapphire blue, creating the purest white froth in the amazing whimsical twirls.

It was breathtaking, and even in my dream, I knew that I had to hold on to the moment because nothing could ever top it.

The dream took a sour turn though, and I awoke in a breathless panic. Nevertheless, I woke up with lingering longing for the serenity of those colors.


  1. Gorgeous dream and the colour of that ocean shot is just breathtaking! Seeing as you woke up in a panic, maybe the dream meant you're out of your depth with something? Sorry, I can't help looking for meaning in dreams even though they say it's nonsense ;) K

  2. Stunning photo and wonderful recollection of your dream....journaling dreams is a wonderful thing to do.

    Here's to chasing our dreams...

  3. i believe your said dream must have been in colour....


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