Friday, July 24, 2009

Gumshoe Coffeehouse

There has been a lot of talk about Starbucks lately, mainly due to their free pastry giveaway the other day! Everyone has been bzzing about random Starbucks experiences, and it dawned on me that Starbucks is like a voyeur in all of our lives!

Crystal, from Avery James Photography, confessed that while she's not a coffee fan by any means, she has used the Starbucks location for business meetings and even to conduct job interviews! My boyfriend and I met our condo-owner at a Starbucks to exchange rental agreements and keys. I've run into past teachers there. The coffee shop has even witnessed a near breakup of two old friends.

It makes you rethink the old saying, "If these walls could talk!"


  1. OH my...I missed a free pastry?? Now I am really depressed. I think I need some ice cream and a cookie!! Off to the kitchen!


  2. Oh man, I missed the free pastry day also! :-/ Dang! When was it?

  3. free pastry day?? I really must live under a rock ! I miss out on the best things sometimes!
    have a happy weekend!

  4. but remember all the movies about coffee shops from the old days? That was when they were mom and pop shops. Now, starbucks is so popular and well known that this seems like something new. I go there for French Club Meetings and to study. The atmosphere is pretty amazing.

    And when i go back to my home town...I just find a local starbucks (or waffle house) to run into old high school students.

  5. missed that one too :(

  6. We've got a Starbucks, which is near several Government departments. Lot of careless talk over the cakes there.


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