Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Haute Wedding, part 2!

Back to this haute wedding! I enjoyed the ceremony immensely! It was beautiful, simple, and laid back. The bride walked down the aisle to Jack Johnson, the minister was very much a hippie who sported a long ponytail and got choked up while talking about his wonderful marriage, and the ceremony ended with the newly married couple walking away to All You Need is Love by The Beatles!

The reception was at The Bungalow Club, and unfortunately I don't have many photos to share with you because I lost my camera somewhere between the wedding toasts and cutting the cake. I can assure you though, the venue was awesome! It was actually much brighter than the photos I shared a couple of posts ago, which was perfect because the place was packed!

The food was amazing- everything was in appetizer form and we noshed on Mediterranean Cigars, Sliders, Fillet Mignon Skewers, Avocado Rolls and Calamari. The best part of all was the open bar, though! I used the opportunity to try a couple of new drinks- a Vanilla Vodka Soda and a Strawberry Daiquiri Martini.

Thank you, Rupen and Rebecca, for sharing your special day with us! I hope you're having a blast in Croatia!

*I'll revise the post later when I get better photos :)


  1. Sounds very cool! Can't wait to see more photos...

  2. Sounds great! I love the little girl in the pretty blue dress. So cute.xxx

  3. Sorry that you lost your camera, Jen. Btw, look forward for the 6th wedding :)


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