Friday, July 31, 2009

Relationship 101: I'm Going To Change You

Relationships are a dance of give and take, compromise and acceptance. It is inevitable, though, that both parties will end up changed- for better or for worse.

I think that I'm a pretty cool girlfriend in that I don't try to change my boyfriend. I support his interests, and although I do persuade him to be open-minded to other ways of thinking, I accept him for exactly who he is- except for this one little thing that had to change to make "us" work ...


The man put up such a fuss about taking the time to think about what goes in which bin, and taking the long route in cleaning by deconstructing toss-ables. But all of a sudden, as of this week, it has become second nature to him! I don't dare say anything for fear of coming off as a gloating biotch, but I am really proud of him!!!

So here's my secret shout out to Joe: You rock, and our future children will live in a cleaner world because of you!


  1. Good for you for not saying anything that could be interperted as being.. not nice... hehehe

    Suffice, they do learn don't they?


  2. He must truly love you! I only wanted to change my husband's clothes. I thought that was quite reasonable.

  3. I never did understand the need for women to change men, even if your intentions were for the " greater good "

    You all fell in love with your man because of how he was before you lived together, became engaged and even married.

    So why, in the majority of relationships is there are sudden need to have him change his ways.

    Remember, you girls are not all wine and roses either. The difference is, us guys tend to just be change required. Just keep being you.

    It's easy...

  4. hi..happen to visit your blog and seen many beautiful pictures.
    I love photography.

  5. Go you! I'm in awe of your skills.

  6. Oh, was I recycling? I just thought you moved the normal trash can. Heh heh...just kidding darling. Don't go brainwashing me all over with your behaviorists tricks though!


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