Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twitter Me This

In light of the debut of Twitter's new homepage, I thought it might be nice to open up the discussion and get your views on the micro-blogging site.

Personally, I have come to love Twitter. It allows me to keep up with friends and family. I find focus within my work as I receive Tweets from @mashable. Many Etsy shop owners have found their way onto my homepage. I'm able to instantly embed my blog and Etsy updates to share with the world. A few celebrities follow me (that means I'm almost famous, right?!), and best of all, I get updates from some of my Haute Whimsy readers!

Twitter is a social media outlet, a replacement for chatting on the phone, an intangible venue for links and laughs, a way for me to connect with my favorite companies (Sprinkles Cupcakes is always tweeting about free cupcake giveaways) and its chaos actually has order to it- if you dare to look!

I'm hoping that some of you nay-sayers will think about giving Twitter a chance! For those of you who have already fallen into this lovely world of tweeting, feel free to say "hi" @hautewhimsy!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Twitter! I've been on it for about a year now and have made so many great connections through it and learned so much (especially about blogging, etc). The spam bots/spammers get on my nerves, sometimes, but recently Twitter has really been cracking down on them, instead of just sweeping the problem under the rug like another *cough*MySpace*cough* social media site did and I am truly impressed!

    I enjoy your "tweets" and thanks for following me back. It's the best way to stay updated with all of my favorite bloggers for me, that's for sure!


  2. Oh I love the cute little tweet picture, adorable.


  3. I am a Twitter fan as well. I think that, like anything else, you either love it or hate it. Love it.
    Love the picture too!

  4. I use Twitter on my phone mainly when Im bored or waiting for something, so I have something to do.

    I dont get alot of what people do with all the extras, but what I do understand is enough.

  5. I was pretty resistant to Twitter at first, but I'm hooked now. I am careful of how I use it...far more in the evenings than during the day, because local news media "follows" me for some reason, and since I work for a government dept., not good to be seen "twittering" during work hours. I think that's something others might do well to remember too. Everyone's watching on Twitter...

    But I can't resist an occasional peek to see what my online friends are doing, and to announce new blog posts, etc. It's been such a wonderful way to connect to people with similar interests, and get/give support for my writing goals.

    You have a new follower. ;-)

  6. I just can't 'get' Twitter. I can't imagine restricting myself to a mere 140 words. Impressed by those who can.

  7. I'm just starting to get into Twitter, but it's just like your facebook status!

  8. At first I was a little hesitant about Twitter, but really starting to recognize and appreciate it for what it's work for my business. Hopefully I can gather more targeted followers are reap more of a benefit soon.

  9. just followed you on twitter...such a great medium to learn things! @mfayn

  10. I'm still getting the hang of twittering, for some reason I keep forgetting it's there.

  11. I may have to get on the bandwagon with Tweeting. I have not done it yet but possibly soon :)


  12. I love it- but I need to try not to get sucked in



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