Monday, August 17, 2009

The Stinking Rose

I love quirky weekends, and this past weekend was just that! Joe took me to The Stinking Rose restaurant to celebrate my new job, a place that has intrigued me for years! With tales of spreadable garlic cloves swimming in olive oil and even garlic ice cream, this hot spot has been on my to-do list for quite some time! We made the trek to Beverly Hills and walked into a garlic wonderland!

We had reservations for "Garlic Lover's Lane" which is a section of small private tables partially enclosed by curtains. We somehow managed to make room on the tiny table for appetizers that included a garlic spinach fontina fondue and spreadable garlic with bread, garlic prime rib and garlic gnocchi, garlic ice cream with a caramel mole sauce and one non-garlicy item- a delicious chocolate mousse cake!

I even ordered a garlic martini which I promptly returned when I realized it was made with gin rather than vodka. I did, however, order their garlic wine! It had a serious kick to it!

Overall, the food was middle of the road, but the experience was worth every penny! It was so much fun hitting up their souvenir counter on the way out. I bought a slew of "Jasmints" and a mug (their logo is just too awesome!), and if my future guests feel the need to snoop through my medicine cabinet they'll find a novelty garlic flavored condom- I kid you not!


  1. OMG, a garlic flavored "balloon"????? YIKES! What will they think of next!!!

    Glad you had a good time!


  2. I'm pretty sure I saw that place on the food network once. It looks really interesting and I'd be willing to try it at least once

  3. wow! you wont have to worry about vampires for awhile with all that garlic! do they serve breath mints after dinner?
    sounds like a cool place, one my husband would probably like!
    have agreat day

  4. I put too much garlic in the garden burgers I made the other night and I can still taste it.

    I had almost forgot about it till I read this post.

    Sounds like a really fun place though, Jeremiah and I love going to 'novelty' places.

  5. Wow, i never thought garlic would be such a romantic food item.

  6. Oi, como vai... passei pra dizer que gostei muito do teu blog

  7. Passei pra dizer um oi! Adorei seu blog.

  8. i've heard about this place...


  9. Sounds great, but I think I'd have to warn my work colleagues before I went.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog ! I love the stinking rose ive been about a dozen times over the years when ever we celebrate something big! But yes everyone should try it at least once!

  11. I've never been...interesting : )


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