Sunday, August 30, 2009


Living in Southern California certainly has its perks- beaches, Hollywood, beautiful people. But it also has its dangers- earthquakes and wildfires.

August is a smokey and ashy month around here, but while it always phases me to some extent, I just hadn't really acknowledged it as a personal danger ... until this weekend, that is. We had/are still having two wildfires rage through our state, and one was in my city of Palos Verdes. As wildfires go, PV had a best case scenario. Even though it ravaged 235 acres, we lost few homes and it has been completely contained.

It was a very surreal experience as news stations urged us to gather our most precious belongings in case of a mandatory evacuation. The heat was unreal and our little PV world smelled like a Christmas-time fireplace.

On Saturday afternoon I went for a drive and took photos of the evidence of the other Los Angeles wildfire that's still going strong. It's shamefully beautiful, as the smoke looks like a shimmery cloud from our vantage point.

What I found so unbelievable was the size of the white smoke cloud, which is about 200 miles away! It goes to show just how much we under-estimate natural disasters sometimes.


  1. I didn't know you were in PV. Yep, saw this exact view today from Matt's house. Here's a photo he took last night.

  2. i can't imagine how scary that must've been. i'm glad you're safe though. :)

  3. I agree, fires are scary. I've been evacuated when living in Ventura county, then moved to San Diego and we were surrounded with horrible fires/smoke a few years ago. Careful about breathing the smokey air, it affected me for months after the fires stopped.
    Take care,

  4. it's amazing how we all figure it can't happen to us.


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