Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm gearing up for my birthday on Sunday, which is usually a week-long event (I really love my birthday!), but I'm a little slow to start because I've been fighting a cold. I'm gathering music for my yearly ritual right now, which always involves Nirvana and Letter's to Cleo, and this year I'm adding White Rabbits to the mix:

Tomorrow I'm hanging with one of my absolute best friends (aka the "Girlmate") and sharing a couple bottles of something fun, then enjoying a birthday dinner with my family, and Disneyland on my actual birthday. Next weekend I'm off to Vegas to try my luck at Roulette for a few days, so I really feel that the publishing of this post will be the kick-off to Jenapalooza!

Enjoy the video, and stop by on Monday for an amazing giveaway! I'd buy everything in this shop if I could!


  1. oh ive seen this it

  2. That's what I called celebrating in style! Vegas? You lucky girl!
    Hope you enjoy your week-end!

  3. Happy Birthday Jen!!!
    Hope your Jenapalooza is the best ever. What an awesome treat to Disney and Vegas!
    I also love birthdays, EVERYBODYS birthday!! The one day that's all your very own.
    Mine is right after Thanksgiving so it usually lasts a week as well, and with such a huge family all over the place, sometimes lingers on til Christmas :)

    Have a happy, happy time.

    BTW Love the music vid, one of my favs!

  4. Awwww I wanna go to Disneyland for my birthday!!
    I'd also like to go to Vegas but I think i'd have to make a big holiday out of it.
    You're so lucky!

  5. Happy Birthday Girlie!

    One week of celebration? No, must go for the entire month! ENJOY!

  6. I wish I was living in Southern California right now so I could go to Disneyland on my birthday tomorrow too! I hope you have a great birthday and a great time at Disneyland!

  7. Happy birthday for tomorrow (which may already be today)

  8. I connected to you through another blog.

    Happy birthday 1 day early.

    Best regards

  9. Hope you had a great birthday. What an awesome way to celebrate.

  10. just stopping by to say hi and to let you know about an award you have over here:


  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one!

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fun one!

  13. I found this song about a month ago and I've been obsessed with it ever since...

    kick ass blog! I love it!


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