Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Giveaway!

Today's giveaway is for the wonderful Mimosa Dress, brought to you by Rali Dresses!

“Would you like another mimosa?” he asked.

She was already starting to get a slight buzz, and regretfully thought of all of the things she should be doing today instead of lounging around the house or out by the pool. There was laundry and cleaning to do, a report she brought home from the office to work on before Monday, and poor Tiki, her prized Golden Retriever, was almost out of dog food. But she was soooooooooooooooo comfortable in her soft and sexy terry cloth cover-up, she knew she just would not be going anywhere, anytime soon.

“Sure” she said, “I'll have another. Light on the OJ please. Better yet, let's skip the juice all together.”

For a chance to win this lazy loungy dress, please visit Rali Dresses and come back here to comment about the other lovely dress designs!

A random winner will be chosen tomorrow! Good luck!

*Congrats to our lucky winner, Annie!


  1. love the white one <3
    simple but cute.

  2. Ah, summer's back. ;) The Martini dress is pretty cute and brown goes with almost anything. The funniest I think is the Cold One dress! Would never dare wearing it, but I think the idea is fun!

  3. I love the white one too!! I'm a fan of the halter!


  4. CUTE summer beach dress!

    I love the names of the designs....Makes me wanna go on vacation :)

  5. Ah I love that little story! Makes me long for summer! Also love the Black and Tan slip at the etsy store - so beautiful!


  6. love these! awesome for summer and the white is really cute and crisp! :)

  7. oh i love the 'cold one' dress. it would be great for pool parties or laying around the cottage. also the mojito white dress is beautiful.

  8. those dresses are so cute! I love the white one and the dotted one!

  9. Amazing dresses!
    I would so wear the Corona one, so so funny!
    Love the blue one the most though, its beautiful x

  10. The Corona dress is so cool! I wish my friends and I all had one! The Mimosa dress is awesome too!


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