Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thinking in Style

I have a mind that is in constant motion. I think and ponder and analyze at breakneck speed. I love and hate this about myself because it leads to a state of frazzlement that can often consume me. That is why I love leisurely baths so much! They focus me and somehow streamline all of my random tangenty thoughts into something cohesive.

When I need to hash out an important letter or decide how to best go about a situation, I fill up the tub. When I'm suffering from writer's block, I relax against a bath pillow with a pen and pad of paper. And when I simply want to absorb someone else's words, I steam myself with a good book and a cup of tea.

This is such an enormous aspect of who I am, and yet (believe it or not) my bathroom is an atrocious bore. I honed in on this realization today as I was jotting down a few thoughts, and I thought to myself, "I deserve better than this!"

So, my dears, I am revving up to revamp my bathroom. I have a whole slew of ideas and themes that range from Parisian to a mish-mosh of random things I like. But before I delve into this project, I would love to hear your ideas for a fantasy bathroom!

*Note- sadly, I don't have a window in my bathroom, so beautiful curtains will not apply to me.


  1. I once lived in an apartment that had a complete Hilton suite bathroom! Arches, fake gold, burgundy walls... I laughed every time I walked in there!

    If I could get it back, I would! It was kitschy, yet adorable - but maybe not something I would recommend to others!

  2. Love this....everyone needs a room like this!

  3. How about an old white window frame with a mirror behind it? That could be your window! :) Take care, Martha

  4. A chandelier in a bathroom is always so romantic! And it is a huge pet peeve of mine to try to arrange the tub view away from the toilet area - maybe a screen or something pretty to look at instead!

  5. A pedestal tub! Every woman needs a beautiful vintage feeling pedestal tub with elaborately decorated feet!

    It's funny. I was just talking with my husband yesterday about having one some day when we are able to re-do and expand our bathroom. :)

  6. splurge on fluffy towels and a white bath robe with glass shelves to fold them on.

    i love neutral colour palettes, whites, creams and beige's and then have pops of colour in your accessories. that way you will never get bored because it is easy to mix and match.

    good luck!

  7. what were the results of this? a stained glass window could be a pretty substitute too!


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