Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm pretty excited because awhile back I met this couple on BzzAgent who own an awesome company called Baggino. Baggino is a baby product designer company that was created by a couple who had relocated from Germany to New York. They do a lot of traveling, which led them to understand the issues that can arise when traveling with a baby. This knowledge inspired their wonderful line of products that include specialized diaper bags and bibs, amongst other fabulous things!

Several months ago they were looking for design input, and they just wrote me to let me know they used one of my ideas! Take a look at the adorable cupcake bib, along with their other amazing products!


  1. Really cute bib - anything with a cupcake on it makes me happy!

  2. thats absolutely adorable! aww. :)
    cute and practical!!

  3. CUTE!! much pink...gah! lol

  4. I admire and heart your is really cute ...congratulations and keep it up !

  5. oh wow, that's awesome! congrats:) these are adorable. definitely great for upcoming baby showers:D


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