Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Con Fuego!

Back story: My boyfriend is a wonderful musician who has always wanted to score music for films. He decided this very past Fall that he was going to follow his dream and enroll at the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston. He starts January 11th!

So today I settled into my cozy spot on the couch with my laptop, ready to write (my own dream) and I found that he has started a blog! It's musically themed, but just an outlet for fun. You can only imagine my excitement! He's hilarious and will undoubtedly make you smile- so long as you can handle some colorful wording here and there ;)


  1. "Colorful wording"? Like PG-13 type of colorful or R rated colorful?

    Please don't say NC-17. That's hard to do.


  2. Oh, good for him! Berklee is a great school, I had so many friends from there when I was at Harvard!

  3. congrats to your boyfriend! - going to school and starting a blog :)

    i'll be sure to read his blog too!

  4. I had so many friends from there when I was at Harvard!

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