Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Plans

Ski trip failed. The weather was too awful to drive in, so we ended up staying home and diving into holiday decorating for 3 days straight.

We decided to forgo a traditional Christmas tree lot this year to save money, and started at Target's garden department. Interestingly, every single tree was bound and left in piles everywhere we looked. There was no magic in that, so we headed to Home Depot. One look at their lot had us running as far away as possible! It was crowded beyond belief and felt more like a flea-market than a holiday specialty lot.

We continued our adventure by grabbing deliciously flavored coffees from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (dark chocolate orange- yum!), and ended up in the exact place I kind of knew we'd get our tree from all along. It was a small lot very near our home, and we chose a Silvertip tree which cost more than I think we've ever spent on a tree in all of our years together. Our initial money-saving plan failed, but all of our plans tend to end up bit skewed, so we just went with it.

The weekend was definitely not what we had planned, but it ended well and we now have a ... very interesting tree ;)


  1. I would love to have a tree this year... kind of hard in a small apartment like this one, though. :(

  2. That's exactly why we got the Silvertip. Its layers of sparseness was perfect for making sure it didn't overwhelm our little 1 bedroom place! I'll post pics of the final product when everything is finished. Maybe you can still get one!

  3. Pretty tree! Glad the day ended happy. :O)

  4. beautiful tree + lovely photo of you :)
    have a great day, xoxo

  5. I love Silvertips! you will have to post pics after you are done decorating :)

    Merry Merry!

  6. What a fun tree adventure!

    A Taste of T

  7. i love that pretty!!!

  8. Love the tree. And yay on Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! :D

  9. Hi Jen. Just stopping by to show your blog some love! We bought a real tree this year too. Don't you love that fresh tree smell...smells just like Christmas! Happy holidays!


  10. My darling I wish you and yours all the joy, love, hope, blessings, peace, laughter, miracles, good health and boundless wealth during this holiday season and always.

    Love & Hugs


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