Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Message To Camera-Finder

This guy is a genius! He keeps these photos on his camera in case he loses it. I had a similar thought after losing two cameras at restaurants over the past couple of years- I was left wishing I had a photo of me flipping off the camera to welcome its new thieving owners ;)


  1. haha, that has made me laugh soooo much! :) Youd think it would be effective too! x

  2. I love, love, love that. And I love even more that he's Australian.

    It just sets in concrete what great, funny people we are.

    Happy New Year. x

  3. Oo that is so cool and he's an Aussie,
    xxx DJ

  4. that is so brilliant. whoever can keep the camera after that (stolen or found) has to know that they're the biggest loser in the world.

    thanks for posting!

  5. That is FABULOUS, I need that entire script for my keys, my cell phone, my gloves (just yesterday)GAH!
    Happy New Year,
    Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage

  6. Hope it works!
    and hope that people are nice enough to e-mail him!

  7. That was too funny! He seems like a jolly fellow :)

  8. That dude is hilarious... I would probably have opted for ONE sign saying "bitch, call me asap: 917 xxx xxxx so i can get my camera back".

    Probably not as efficient!

  9. That's hilarious. I love it. I totally LOLed at the bathtub picture. :)

  10. wow... just laughed out loud, and then visited his blog and laughed some more about goat skulls and pigeonholing. Thank you for finding and sharing!

  11. That was great Jen. Thanks for making me smile.

    smiles...Tracy :)

  12. hahaha, that's fabulous! thanks for sharing, it made me smile :)
    happy new year, darling.

  13. This is so fun!

    Thanks for posting, love your blog :-)

    So interesting to read.

  14. love that. And I love even more that he's Australian.

    Work from home India

  15. This was hilarious!

    Happy New Year Dear Jen!


  16. that guy is awesome... his facial expressions are so good!

  17. That is hilarious, but very creative and practical. My husband taught a photography class in Jordan where students would sign in at the beginning of the class, or have others sign in for them, and then disappear at the break. He solved that problem in a similar way. He turned his attendance roster into a photo album. All students gathered for a camera-dated group photo at the end of each class. The students actually liked doing it, and there were no more arguments about "I was really there; I just forgot to sign in, you did not notice me when you took attendance, etc."

    Happy New Year!

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  19. What a near idea! I'm guessing if you like this, you'd probably like the found cameras blog ( Its a place you can post any cameras you've randomly found in hopes of getting it back to the original owner. Both ideas I think are great.

  20. This made me laugh so much!!! :)
    Just what I needed today.

    Happy New Year!! :D

  21. lol this is soooo funny! can you please check out my blog?



  22. WOWWW! THIS IS EPIC!!! I loose things all the time! I need to do the very same thing! Oh my freakin gosh!

  23. this is AMAZING! i love his humour! soooooo much! i think i'll make my husband do this for our camera-
    thanks for sharing :)

  24. Hilarious - especially the expressions on his face!

  25. THis is so funny...and genius at the same time!

  26. The picture in the bathtub is awesome!

  27. this is freaking hilarious!! such an amazing idea! ps love your etsy shop!

  28. This creative idea and series of snaps just made my day on so many levels. He seems like such a down-to-earth, funny, witty fellow, I bet he'd be an awesome friend.

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you so very much for your lovely comment in December, it really meant a lot to me.

    I hope that your year is off to a sparklingly fantastic start, and that each of the days that follows will continually be even more amazing for you than the last!

    Big hugs & endless joyful wishes for 2010,
    ? Jessica

  29. too funny....a great laugh to end my day on!

  30. LOVE this. Would probably work... hmmm maybe I should add that to my photos stored on my iPhone?


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