Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow Bunny

{photo via Pearlie Girlie}

I called my dad yesterday and started to complain about how cold I was, and then I stopped myself, remembering that he's in Washington and probably freezing his bum off. Sure enough, he gave me tales of weather dipping into the 30's. But 'tis the season, right?!

While the SoCal skies are bright and sunny, I'm looking forward to an upcoming ski trip to Lake Tahoe in a couple of weeks. I'm calling it a ski trip, although I've never made the attempt before, in hopes that I will suck up my fear of slamming into a tree and give it a go!

Do you have any tips or tricks for an nonathletic, yet hopefully snow bunny?


  1. no tips, i stink at skiiing LOL :D

    hope you have a great time :D

  2. i tried skiing one time... i was terrible! the next time, i tried snowboarding and LOVED IT! i think it's much easier to pick up. But the mountains are always a great time so I'm sure you'll have an amazing time no matter what! :)

  3. From one SoCal girl to another: Bunny slopes + hot chocolate afterword. :)

    Have a great time!

  4. sorry.. i am like the most unathletic person ever! lol. :)
    but i am hoping to maybe learn how to snowboard some winter soon! :) maybe..well good luck!

  5. Take a lesson! And not from one of your friends. A real lesson, (from a cute snow instructor!)

  6. i love to ski... but as i get older... definitely fair weather skiing is best for me.. and i agree hot cocoa and chili are perfect after it all... x pam


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