Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Alice Sunday

I had such a great "date day" with my boyfriend over the weekend! We drove to The Bridge, an outdoor promenade in Culver City, CA., to finally see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D. It was amazing! I loved the story and thought it was a nicely played follow-up to the original story. The visuals were breath-taking, the music was fantastic and I actually loved the Red Queen which was shocking to me!

We also stopped for a wonderful Thai lunch where we indulged in spicy mint leaf chicken and Thai iced teas. Thai tea is one of my most favorite things on Earth!

Our evening ended with a few treats at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I couldn't decide whether my favorite was the chocolate covered Twinkie, or the chocolate dipped cupcake. Mmmm!

After weeks of grueling work, layoff scares, being sick and an overall lack of fun ... this day of loveliness was much needed!


  1. sounds absolutely lovely.

    isn't it a fab movie???

  2. I wanna have a date day like that! Excellent. I'm hoping to see the movie soon ....

  3.,oooh my!!!-)*

    Really glad for you,my dear friend about you fantastic day!

    I am not seen yet this beautiful creation and I would like to so there soon!!!



  4. So happy you got to see the movie - it's one of my favorites! Sounds like you had an all-around wonderful day. Theresa

  5. Chocolate covered cupcake - please...

  6. didn't you love Alice? such a visual treat!! (and i got to see it in 3d...which i haven't done in a bazillion years!)


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