Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take a Chance!

Today was a cleaning day- yuck! I'm about as domestically challenged as they come. The only chore I actually enjoy is laundry (because I get to play with my beloved clothing!), but this afternoon was spent detailing the bathroom. After cursing the cats for the spilled kitty litter and then breaking the vacuum cleaner, I treated myself to a steamy Epsom salted bath and allowed my thoughts to wander.

A pretty profound realization hit me: any success I've ever had is due to embracing the possibility of failure, and then going for it. Once you come to terms with failure, you allow yourself to open doors you were afraid to touch before. It's all about stepping outside of your comfort zone- away from what you know you're good at. That's when you really allow yourself to grow!

This epiphany came just in time to see me off to my next great adventure ;) I promise I'll divulge the details soon, but first I must prep. I'll spill it next week!


  1. great post! I can always do some great thinking when I'm relaxing in the tub! haha.


  2. Excited for the upcoming news :)

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  4. Great post, you can always get good thoughts and ideas from relaxing baths :)

  5. well said! A reminder for when I am stressed to the max!


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