Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peeking In

{the area I plan on shooting at this weekend}

I don't have a super fun post for today, unfortunately. I've been splitting my time between doctor appointments and a huge photography project lately! I've missed posting though, so I thought I'd stop in for a sec to at least say hi :)

I'll be working on the blog format today, so if links or buttons go down for a bit, don't worry- everything should be revamped by tonight!

In the meantime, tell me about your week! What do you have your hands in right now?


  1. Jen, I hope all goes well with the appointments. Looking forward to the pictures you share.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Hi Jen :) Have fun with your photography project!

  3. Hello! I've been doing a lot of interviews and trying to organize my life :).

  4. Hope your photography project is more fun and creative than mine today. I sat in a cold drizzle photographing golfers, Wow! Somedays the job just isn't glamorous LOL

  5. We're finishing up a chair and sending out a coffee table today. Looking forward to seeing more of your photography!

  6. Have fun shooting perfect pictures!!!! Been busy this week too...and am so happy I'm having the weekend off. Finally can take care of myself. And it's supposed to be sunny, too. Finally!!! No more rain for us here. :)


  7. That is a beautiful photo...:)


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