Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"At Last" ... SYTYCD

My guilty pleasure: So You Think You Can Dance! One of the sheerest joys I have is watching others dance, and the talent on SYTYCD always blows me away. They just chose season 7's dancers, and Lauren Froderman is the one I'm rallying behind. This solo won me over last week! Be sure to watch the performances (and vote) on Wednesdays, and then see the results on Thursdays. Thank you, FOX, for this summer treat!


  1. I watch it too! But gosh i always seem to forget when their giving it on TV. lol. Is it Tuesday and Wednesdays or only Wednesday? and results Thursdays at 8PM? :) thanks

  2. She is good! I might just have to watch. Thanks for the heads up, Jen!


    Sheila :-)

  3. These people are so incredibly good at what they do, it blows me away!

  4. I love this show and I'm so glad they brought Mia Michaels back!

  5. I love this show too - the level of talent is amazing!


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