Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feet in the Air

How dreamy is this photo? It reminds me of my favorite Pixies song, Where is My Mind. "With your feet in the air and your head on the ground..."


  1. Wow - loving this photo, Jen! Nice pick! Theresa

  2. Awesome. The Pixies are coming to Austin pretty soon :)

  3. lovely! last weekend I babysit and took a 4-yr-old to the park. I ended up on the swings, and man, I felt so awesome! alive and free. I forgot how fun it is to swing, funny.

    xo caitlin

  4. Hi Jen. Thanks for visiting elle oh! I cannot wait to explore your blog(s).
    This photo reminds me of fresh strawberries and sunkissed freckles...ah, summer!


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