Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Little Poe

{Meet Poe, our new little bunny!}

{Meet Buns- name courtesy of my "clever" teenage brothers. And yes, that is a carrot stained mouth!}

As promised on the fan page, here are the new bunny pictures! A neighbor found this adorable black and white bunny at a cemetery and gave "it" (still not sure if it's male or female) to my mom over the weekend. My mom rescued the other rabbit from the inevitable fate of ending up as hawk food after it was abandoned at a local park around Easter. Yeah, we're those people ;) We take in strays!

We can't figure out what breed the new one is, but isn't it just precious?! I named it Poe, as in Edgar Allan Poe, since it was found in a cemetery. I think that will fit nicely, regardless of the sex.

Now we're trying to accumulate some bunny goods to make their new domestic lives as blissful as possible. If you are a rabbit owner, any tips would be most welcome. And if you're thinking of getting a rabbit of your own down the line, stay tuned as I'll be posting updates soon!


  1. OMG ~ so darling! I love bunnies, and we had them when younger. Trying to talk my husband in to a bunny for our little crumb { fingers-crossed }.

    Just an fyi, you may need to keep tabs on their teeth. They often times need to be filed/cut down.

  2. I adore bunnies and have been wanting to get a couple of my own... the future husband said we'd see once we get into our new home, so I'm looking forward to any advice you end up giving!

  3. Oh, they are so very sweet! I can never image how people would give up or abandon these cuties. Love their names. :) Theresa

  4. They are so cute - everyone loves bunnies! sandie

  5. I'm a bunny fan ! and so is hubby. He took such a liking to the last one "Gizmo" that I found him talking to it more than me !

  6. So sweet...:-)
    xx Emily

  7. Oh my WORD! So precious!!!

  8. Cute - we have a rabbit called pickles and he says hi!

  9. oh, they are so cute, I LOVE them. There is a lady called Charlotte that has a rabbit here -
    Hugs, Catherine x

  10. So sweet and I love the name!

  11. Awwwww! What a cute little bunny. I love EAP too, so awesome name choice.

  12. Awwies they are so so sooo cute!

  13. your bunny is adorable!! and its so nice that he's a rescued one and not 'bought' from a petshop
    good job.


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