Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wisdom Woes

{Baby Tooth print via The Black Apple}

I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend with lots of BBQ, family, friends, fun and laughter! I stopped by my mom's house yesterday for delicious fruit salad and steak, but I ended my weekend on a sour note. I went to bed with some wisdom tooth pain, and by 4:00 AM I was in the worst dental pain of my life!

Between sobs, I pounded Advil and iced my face. I finally fell back to sleep and woke up almost good as new. Wisdom teeth are miserable and strange, and you can bet I've spent my day looking for an oral surgeon!

I remembered seeing a tooth related Black Apple painting, so I wanted to share it with you. Perhaps when all this dental mumbo-jumbo is over with, I'll see the humor and buy a print myself ;)


  1. Sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth. I've heard it can be terrible. I'm glad you're feeling better and happy to hear that you had a good holiday weekend (except for the tooth pain). Theresa

  2. Oh no! Hope you're feeling better!

  3. I realize now I didn't read the post, just noticed the Black Apple print and wanted to share my love of her art. I have the girl with dark hair holding a hedgehog. I love it so much.

    If you are suffering tooth pain, I hope it gets better soon!


  4. I think I could write three pages about my adventures in finding an oral surgeon. My advice: ask around and get recommendations (not from your dentist--from people who have recently gone through the process), and make sure that wherever you end up going actually accepts medical insurance--a lot of places only accept dental, which doesn't actually cover the surgery at all. Good luck!

  5. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're feeling better soon...and the pain's gone. Hate when this happens. :(


  6. It would be pain...I am so sorry for you,dear Jen:-(*


  7. this is an adorable painting, hope you get your pain taken care of asap :D


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