Monday, July 12, 2010

Delectable Dassant

How was everyone's weekend? I couldn't stop baking, even though the heat was stifling in my home! Along with a French Toast Casserole, I ended up making these to-die-for Truffle Brownies from Dassant that didn't last a full 24 hours between me and my boyfriend. Their mixes have this amazing "from-scratch-taste"! Yum! I must confess, I also had my fair share of the batter. It was truly the best brownie batter that I've ever tasted!

Next up is the Dassant Beer Bread. I can't wait to try that! This coming weekend, I'm hoping :)


  1. I almost never bake during summer. Phoenix is just already so hot, but now your giving me all sorts of ideas. I can't eat gluten so these brownies are a no no for me - my husband, now that's another story.

  2. Is there such a thing as French toast casserole? Do share that recipe sometime.

    What you did to brownies is what I do to cupcakes.

  3. Dassant seriously has the best baking mixes! I'm addicted! They also have a Louisiana Banana Bread that I want to try!!!


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