Sunday, July 18, 2010

Donut Burger

{Lady's Brunch Burger via Paula Deen}

If ever something was meant to be called a beautiful disaster, it's the donut burger. Yes, you read correctly. Donut. Burger.

My family decided to have a BBQ over the weekend, and my little brother and I started talking about "weird foods" (yes, we're Food Network and Travel Channel junkies)! I brought up the donut burger that I saw Paula Deen concoct last year, and it was instantly on!

While Paula's burger sported an egg, we simply went with bacon and cheese. We also inverted the donut "bun" so the glaze was on the inside (less mess) and toasted the outside just before serving. It was PHENOMENAL! It was much like a Monte Cristo Sandwich.

We all took our first bite and paused. We each made eye contact, fluttered those eyes, and went in for bite number two! Beautiful!

Now for the disaster: within an hour, we were all uncontrollably sleepy. I left the BBQ early, made a beeline to my couch when I got home and slept for hours. So did my boyfriend. And as reported in a later phone call with my mom, so did she and both of my brothers. Who needs Ambien when you have donut burgers?!

Even today I'm feeling a bit sluggish. But was it worth it? YES!


  1. That's a funny story! My son and I saw that burger on the travel channel - ballpark foods - and he so wants to make it. He's 11. I think it sounds really good - and like you - no egg - glaze inside! Yum!

  2. this sounds so absolutely wrong. but i have a desire to make myself one tomorrow!

  3. hilarious! i don't eat burgers (meat), but hypothetically, that sounds delicious! I don't eat donuts nearly enough. :) But I'm still not willing to give up my Ambien, haha.

  4. Oh, I'm oddly intriqued. I'd try it.

  5. Wow, I wonder how this tastes! I love both :)

  6. my mouth is watering!
    love the salty sweet combo, and this takes it to a WHOLE new level!



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