Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jenny is a Sociopath

{via The Chive}

... okay, she's an actress. Remember yesterday's post about the ever so cool chick who quit her job using a white board and a camera while calling her boss out for playing Farmville all day? Well, our heroine was just a tool in a VERY funny hoax brought to us by The Chive!

I thought about being irked over the deception, but I couldn't keep from smiling :) Fake or not, it was an awesome concept! I hope it inspires disgruntled employees everywhere!


  1. oh wow, omg, lol, duh... okay, so I got punk'd? -___- lol

    but lol, that was still cool :P

  2. haha! i knew it was too cool to be true!

  3. Aw - kinda sad it's not true!

  4. I just saw the original 5 minutes ago and thought that it was brilliant! Even though it's a hoax I'm sure people will follow suit and actually do it!


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