Monday, August 9, 2010

A Rant & A Rave

I'm SO livid. I went to my doctor for an annual checkup 4 months ago. I had a miserable time getting my results back thanks to the office girls who kept dropping the ball. I finally had to call the lab myself. Of course, they couldn't give me my own test results, but me putting in that call did get the doctor's office to step it up ... a little.

I got partial results, and had to spend a few more days trying to track down the other half. Finally, I got them back with a simple vitamin D warning. All was well. Until ...

I got a message last week saying to give them a call. After playing phone tag for days (you should never have to play phone tag with a doctor's office- they should just pick up), I finally got a hold of them today.

Guess what? They didn't just lose part of my results, they actually forgot to have part of my lab tested! They didn't check the correct box! So when they said everything came back fine, they weren't actually looking at what came back!

Now, I have to go back in next week to have the labs redone. Talk about incompetent, inefficient, and unethical. They better hope and pray that everything comes back pristine, or else they're in a world of trouble!


  1. Oh no! Hope everything goes ok!

  2. So frustrating! It's hard enough to go to the doc regularly . . . this would make me crazy! Hope it all works out easily so you don't have to deal with this nonsense anymore.

  3. UGH! That is terrible!

    Last year, my husband went to have his first colonoscopy after his mom died from colon cancer and they recommended he start getting checked early (at 30!)... He called to get his results a week later because he hadn't heard from them and eventually found out that they LOST THE RESULTS but the doctor's office said "if it had been bad, we would've called"... so he's supposed to just take their word for it and assume he's fine. WTF?! (Of course, they still charged our insurance a few thousand euros for a procedure they have no results from....)

  4. I have had some AWFUL doctors. Their office staff was always just as incompetent. I'm so glad my boyfriend's in med school and I could go with someone he recommended when I switched. Having a doctor who knows what the hell he's doing is AMAZING after having a few episodes like the one you just described.

    Good luck!

  5. Um WTF. That sounds AWFUL. New doctor?


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