Thursday, August 26, 2010

True Blood

{No. 7 (BLOOD) via Mickey Smith}

My love affair with Vampire novels started early on in high school. I discovered Anne Rice's beautiful style of writing and spent four years submerged in immortal romance. I ventured out and also read a fantastic novel called I, Vampire by Michael Romkey. I actually didn't get caught up in the "tween" Twilight frenzy, but that was because I had been there and done that. I read the first book when it was on the new release table at Borders and nobody had ever heard of Stephanie Meyer.

I'm a HUGE Joss Whedon fan, and it all began with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I currently love The Gates, and I'm wondering if I'll feel the same about True Blood.

I actually follow Anne Rice on Facebook and have emailed with her back and forth a little bit. It's so interesting to watch her explain her characters and their motivations, and it's also fun to see how excited she gets when True Blood comes on!

Are any of you fans of the show?


  1. I love True Blood! It is definitely a HBO show...meaning there is a lot of nudity and sex and swearing. But the storylines keep you coming back. And I like that it is more than just vampires too...shapeshifters, werewolves, etc. Have fun!!

  2. I am not big on Vampires now, as in been there done that too, I was always more of a space geek, love Stargate, Star Wars, and Star Trek, "yes I am a nerd," but when I was younger I loved Anne Rice as well. Her writing style is definitely above par and unique. I remember my English teacher telling me I couldn't do a book report on one of her books, can't remember name now, cause she was just for fun. I still think it was ridiculous because she was more complex to read then half the stories that were on the reading list. Go figure.


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