Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Color Me Bored

{via Yiorgos Karahalis}

What has been your biggest hair woe? Currently, I'm working on growing mine out. I haven't had a head of natural hair since I was ... 11, I believe!

That's when I discovered Sun-In spray. Do you remember that stuff? You would spray it in your hair and then blow-dry it until it lightened. End result= orange.

From there I moved on to straight lemon juice with that handy dandy blow-drier. End result= straw.

By the time I was ready to enter high school, I had my first dabble in bleach, and it was love at first hair toss!

High school was the perfect environment for hue experimentation. I had every shade of brown, blonde and red. I even tried out black and pink and accidentally green.

I settled into the perfect strawberry red (which doesn't exist anymore) after I graduated, and that color lived on my head for quite a few years.

Then I made the color wheel rounds all over again.

Until now. I've been chopping and growing, chopping and growing, and now my hair is halfway grown out! It's been a long, sometimes miserable process. But it's interesting. Here's what I've learned ...

Short hair is fun for exactly 3 days. I miss the long tresses and styling options! I also have several silvery hairs, which I kind of love in a sick "coming to grips with my age" sort of way. And ultimately, I don't think I was born with the right color for me.

Have no doubt that when I'm done with this phase I'll be back to the salon for some California blonde ;) I just can't help myself.

Hi, I'm Jen, and I'm a hair dye addict!


  1. Sun in - remember it but never used it. Was almost a toe head growing up. White blonde hair until high school when it became a more regular blonde color. Put the first color in around early 20's - accidentally got pink once, not flattering on a mother of a 5th grader. Now I put the blonde in to cover up the gray - I have completely embraced the bleach and short hair, really short - love it.

  2. That made me smile. I miss reading blogs. My favourite part has to be "I haven't had a head of natural hair since I was ... 11". Very funny :)

    I say colour away, ever tried dark indigo (natural dye)? it actually looks black but comes off midnight bluey in some lights.

  3. Ive been dyeing and hi-lighting and messing with my hair since I was about 16! Such an addiction :)

  4. Been there, dyed that! I love your hair history! I was accidentally green once- a mix of henna and a chlorinated pool-not a good look!

  5. Fun, I was always too afraid to mess much with my hair. I do dye it sometimes now, but I never stray far from my natural color. I'd love to try something outrageous, but I doubt that'd go over well at the office.


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