Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Fanciful Taste

It's a cold and rainy day in my typically sunny city, and I'm craving squash! It's the ultimate Fall comfort food in my opinion, with it's lightly nutty flavor and ability to teeter on the line of health and dessert.

Sometimes I roast various varieties along with other veggies, but my favorite recipe calls for baking half of an acorn squash with butter and brown sugar.

But today, I'd love to call in a favor! I would appreciate any and all squash recipes so I can branch out from my limited recipe pool. If you have one, go ahead and share in the comments! I can't wait to try something new!!!


  1. I love buttercup squash ! I just cut open the top , scoop out the seeds and add butter and brown sugar ( I use organic sugar& butter ) ,I cover with tin foil and bake for about an hour or longer , depending on the size! Sounds simple and easy but is delish !

  2. I just was given a bunch of squash and now I know what to do with it:)

  3. Squash is just so pretty. Fall screams squash. And Halloween candy of which I've already eaten.


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