Monday, November 1, 2010

Shopping Frenzy!

Have any of you heard of BNR (Buy n' Replace) Treasuries on Etsy? If not, the gist is that you buy an item from the Treasury, and then you get to replace that spot in the Treasury with one of your shop's items. It's a fun "game" where lots of sales are made.

Well, I decided to create one of these BNRs over the weekend, and it accumulated 7 sales- not bad for a first-timer on a holiday weekend where people just weren't online!

The shop who made repeated sales and grabbed the most attention was Astucieux Clothing. Everyone fawned over Wendy's sewn creations! Wives begged husbands to allow them to buy from her, and others dove right in and took their favorite shirts before anyone could beat them to it!

Lucky us, Astucieux Clothing will be offering a giveaway tomorrow for one lucky Haute Whimsy reader! Tune back in starting at midnight for a chance to win one of her designs for yourself!

*I'll post any future BNRs here so you can join in if you'd like :)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for including me! That BNR was a lot of fun! It was so neat watching e-commerce in action and meeting so many talented ladies!


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