Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Crave

{First Snow on Maple via Lucy Snowe Photography}

It seems that every time I turn around, someone is mentioning wonderful snow-fun. Between relatives in Oregon, friends in Washington and every other person on Twitter, I think I must be the only person that the warm sun is shining on ;)

I was supposed to be in Big Bear, California over the weekend, but the weather was predicted to be so severe that I had to cancel last minute. Safety is great and all, but I have to admit that I'm feeling the sting of not being able to throw a snowball or sit by a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa.

What has the weather been like in your neck of the woods?


  1. Jen- You don't need snow to sit by the fire and drink a hot cocoa silly girl! I just had some last night and it was YUMMMY!!! -Megan

  2. I'm with you, it's 65 degrees here! I want to have hot cocoa and watch the snow....too! xo


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