Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bright Idea (insert sarcasm)

{HOT and COLD via Photography of Beth Berg}

Pro: my oven is always pre-heated.

Con: the reason is because it's acting as my heater.

Allow me to explain! Earlier this year I treated myself to a big flat screen TV and two large bookshelves to frame it (thanks to some amazing year-end sales!). The downside to this awesome buy is that in order to actually fit these bookshelves in my tiny condo, I had to cover my heater.

Now that it's actually frigid around here, I'm kicking myself a little!


  1. If it works, it works! I thought about doing that too since our gas is cheaper than electricity.

  2. Oh no!!! Beauty before comfort. I don't like to use my heater, so I have an electric space heater...I'm not looking forward to seeing my bill.
    Keep warm! : )

  3. Well, there is nothing like bundling up in cozy blankets in front of a good movie or some cheesy TV!, win? ;)

  4. Well the upside is you're in Cali and doesn't get too cold :)

  5. oh no! well I completely understand about making sacrifices for small spaces, I am the same with our place. Hoping you are keeping warm with lots of blankets!

  6. Oh no! Get yourself a little ceramic heater. They will keep your room nice and toasty!



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