Friday, January 14, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday- Feelings

Inspired by her students, here's what Lauren came up with for this week's Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. I feel happy when I blog, paint, lounge in pajamas while watching Desperate Housewives or am on the road to a vacation destination.

2. I get silly when I brush my teeth with Joe or drink wine. Yes, wine is a major catalyst to silliness!

3. Something that makes me sad is injured/sick animals. We're having some Veruca issues right now and it broke my heart the other night *sniff*

4. Something that makes me annoyed is missing ingredients after I begin cooking.

5. A time that I've been truly surprised was when I went to spend what I thought was a $20 Michael's gift card, and it turned out to be $50! It covered my entire purchase with a quarter left to spare ;)

6. I am so thankful for hopes and dreams! They make life a little more spicy!

7. I feel loved when Joe warms my socks up in the mornings :) There's no better way to start the day!


  1. hopes and dreams really DO make life more spicy! :) funny enough, i'm also highly annoyed about missing ingredients... i'm not a cooking kinda gal, so when i get all amped and start the process and something's missing, i think it's a sign that i should give up on this cooking thing. haha

    happy to be following your blog!x

  2. I love reading all these things about you!!

    Happy Friday!


  3. good answers chica! have a great weekend


  4. Hi Jen.
    I too am a 'Desparate Housewives/pajama wearing' kind of girl, myself.
    Love reading more about you.
    If you get a moment, do drop by to have a peek at my very first 'giveaway'.

  5. Girl, love this. Hopes and dreams are what keep us matter what. :)

    Have a fantastic weekend.



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